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Spalding, Georgia Land Clearing Services

Top Rated Land Clearing Services In Spalding Georgia and Surrounding Areas

When it comes to land clearing and brush removal in Spalding, Georgia the team at Southern Brush is here to make sure the job is handled with the highest level of professionalism. Our crews have decades of experience and our company utilizes the HIGHEST quality equipment, purpose built for the rigorous tasks of land clearing and forestry mulching in Spalding, Georgia.

Why Clear Land In Spalding Georgia?

Land clearing and tree removal are a core part of property stewardship in Spalding, GA. Unfortunately the hill country area has been taken over by various invasive species and our land clearing services are a key to maintaining your property.

  • Clearing Chinese Privet is one of the most important things you can do as a Georgia land owner. Chinese Privet are one of the most invasive species in Georgia and are a problem with overtaking many areas. Chinese Privet was originally brought over in the 1800s and was introduced as an ornamental plant before it got out of hand and spread all over the southeastern USA. 

  • Underbrush clearing is done all over Spalding, Georgia. Georgia brush grows very quickly and can make your property look like a jungle. Our machines are purpose built to come in and mulch the brush, quickly clearing out the problem areas and preserving your heritage trees. This is a common practice for us to achieve that park like look many of our clients wish to have.

  • Right of Way Clearing in Spalding, Georgia is often needed for a few different things. When we clear right of way we are generally clearing an area of all trees and brush to give a clear path. This is common for fencing, utility line easements, driveways, property lines, atv trails, and hunting lanes. With our diverse fleet of land clearing machines in Spalding, GA we can clear paths ranging from 4 to 8 feet wide in a single pass. Another added bonus is our high horsepower forestry mulchers are able to take down and mulch any sized tree, so no matter what is in your right of way we can get it cleared out. 

  • New Home Site Clearing in Spalding, Georgia. You have your little slice of Georgia heaven and you and your family are ready to build your dream home. Trust our team to make sure the home site is cleared and prepared right. We work with many of the top builders and developers in North Georiga and can make sure your home site is perfect and ready for construction.

  • Fire Risk Mitigation in Spalding, GA is one of the many things we do one a day to day basis. We work hand in hand with the NCRS to make sure a proper fire break and understory fuel reduction plan are in place. A simple fire break around your property can be life saving in the event of our all too common wild fires. Many large fires could be contained with a proper fire mitigation plan, our team is here to make sure your property and family are safe.

Types of Land Clearing Services In Spalding, Georgia

One thing that sets us apart from the competition is our diverse fleet of land clearing machines. We offer a wide range of machines to handle any sized job. Whether you need half an acre cleared to expand your back yard, or a multi thousand acre solar farm. We have the fleet and crews to get the job done.

Multi Acre Forestry Mulching

When you have more than 2 acres to clear there is no better machine than our high horsepower forestry mulchers. These massive machines are in excess of 350 horsepower and can clear multiple acres per day. The additional benefits of these machines are vast. They are capable of mulching any sized tree and the extra horsepower spins the mulching drum faster leaving behind a finer level of mulch. These machines can clear 3-4 times as much land per day as a skid steer mulcher, which can save you thousands of dollars and a ton of time.

Underbrush Clearing 

Underbrush, also known as understory is one of the many issues we see with properties in Gilmer, and North Georgia. With Chinese Privet being the main culprit, our machines can go in mulch down these invasive trees, and underbrush leaving behind a nutrient rich mulch bed. This mulch bed has numerous benefits that range from lowering the soil's PH and helping slow down erosion.

Residential Land Clearing

Residential land clearing can be tricky business in Spalding. These smaller than 1 acre jobs are generally in tighter, urban areas. Our skid steer mulcher is the highest horsepower in it's class and run the most productive mulching head on the market. This machine is capable of clearing half to one acre per day and leaving behind the finest mulch on the market. This mulch layer is generally so fine that grass will regrow almost immediately. This mulching head also cuts down on debris thrown out by the mulcher reducing the risk of hitting neighboring houses.

Brush Clearing and Brush Hogging

Our specialized machines can brush hog multiple acres per day and leave behind an easy to manage product. We are also able to grind down the stumps flush so mowing after we have cleared the brush is not an issue. If you need brush hog services in Spalding, GA then trust Southern Brush to get the job done right.

What Does It Cost To Clear Land In Spalding, Georgia?

The cost to clear land in Spalding, Georgia vary greatly but here are a few scenarios of what a project might cost.

Clearing 0.5 Acres of Residential Land In Spalding, GA

This job is best suited for our skid steer mulcher. We can usually handle a job of this size in one day. The daily cost for our skid steer mulcher is $2700-$3000 and we charge a one time $500 transportation fee to get the machine to your property. This job is well suited for this machine as long as the majority of the trees you need mulched are under 8 to 10 inches in diameter. If your trees are larger we might need to bring in the high horsepower mulchers

Clearing 1 Acre of Underbrush In Spalding GA
Clearing 2 Acres In Spalding Georgia

This is a job we can usually take care of in one day with our high horsepower forestry mulchers. These machines range from $3500-$4000 per day and a $1000 transportation cost. With this unit we will generally save you an average of $2000 per day over the competition using a smaller machine for the same job. Our machines can do in one day what might take a smaller machine 3 to 4 days.

Clearing 10 Acres In Spalding, Georgia

This is another job that is well suited for our smaller skid steer style mulchers. These machines can make quick work of an acre of brush and should be able to handle a job like this in 1 day with ease. Underbrush clearing gives a great finished product with that park like look so many of our customers are looking for. We are known around North Georgia as the go to guys for clearing underbrush.

When you need to clear multi acre properties in Spalding, Georgia there is only one machine for the job. Our high horsepower machines are the ONLY machines purpose built for these jobs. Using a smaller machine to clear large acreage properties will end in you overpaying by 3 to 4x for the service. Make sure to use the BEST machines possible for the job. Our 350-400 horsepower machines are $3500-$4000 per day and can clear 2-5 acres in a day with ease.

How Can I Get A Land Clearing Quote In Spalding, GA?

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